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Clan Project Partially Paused!

As you might have realized on your own:
Due to real life work we have to lower the priority of our Clan and YouTube projects.
However this does NOT mean we do discontinue them!
We just have less time left to put efforts in our plans than we had before.
As soon as our work-life balances are back to normal we will work harder again...
Our Clan's second anniversary is on Dec 16th this year.
As you see we haven't got as far as we wanted to.
Actually the work done is way more than the result you see!
For example our website has been completeley re-made 3 times now.
We hope on the next try we'll get it right and have more time left in the future!

Stay tuned for further information!
~ Bibo164

Feel free to visit our Rust-Server!

(just search for it in your server browser)

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Our Leader and CoLeader are:
Bibo164 & Vincenzo Carleone

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