Our TeamSpeak 3 Server

We finally managed to get somewhat decent hardware set up to run our TeamSpeak server 24/7

It consists of a set of Clan-only accessible channels but also comes with a good bunch of public usable channels.

To connect just use our hostname: ts.republicofgamers.ch


There will be more music bots coming up - we just need to wait for a license approval from SinusBot before we can

set up all 6 music bots and keep you entertained with a relatively good spectrum of music styles..  :)













Our Rust Server


We are running the first (and currently only?) Rust Server ever hosted at i3D.net!

The server is not really playable at the moment because it's being used for testing multiple features in Rust.

Anyway the server is not optimal for regular playing as we ran into multiple performance issues and

the auto-update function seems to be broken as well. We're looking to solve this - Bibo is currently

trying to find a working solution for the updating (in close cooperation with our hoster).

As long as things are not working flawlessly we do not recommend playing on our server.

Check this page to be informed when the server is operating regularly again...










Here is our lovely server widget for you to enjoy :)


For Support contact:



Our Leader and CoLeader are:

Bibo164 & Vincenzo Carleone


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