Something is coming soon!


We found something really good :)

We will have a new website with complete user login, forum and calendar

really really soon!

Be advised: Bibo164 is currently in army service - there will be progress

but it will not be as fast as one might expect :/


Stay tuned for further information!

~ Bibo164







TeamSpeak Server


Nonetheless feel free to use our TeamSpeak 3 Server if you haven't found one for you yet!

Just hit in your connection window or this link and maybe add us to your favourites.

We have some restricted access channels but there should be enough public ones to match your needs.

Anyway if you wish for an additional (game specific) channel to be added just let us know!




We are running the first (and currently only?) Rust Server ever hosted at!







Currently the Server is only used for testing...

We will let you know as soon as the server used regularly again!

Check "Servers & Projects" page for more info











For Support contact:



Our Leader and CoLeader are:

Bibo164 & Vincenzo Carleone


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